WaterPark Indoor Party Room Splash and Bash Party


For the best value book your party on a weekday and receive a $20 discount! FOR PLANNING PURPOSES. Your pizza or Hot Dogs & Chips and beverages will be served at the beginning of your reservation time. Feel free to enjoy the pool and water features before and after your reservation time! Please note: you are reserving your party to be indoors with this appointment. If you would prefer to have your party outside, please visit this page.

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Celebrating soon? Parties are a specialty of ours! Oasis is the most refreshing place to host a party. We are happy to offer a party assistant to help with your party needs. Reserve today and let Oasis assist you in making the most of the celebration.

Party Tiers

WaterPark Basic $199 (Valued of $250)
  • 10 All-Day Admission Passes to Oasis WaterPark (Does NOT include use of WaveSurfer)
  • 1 Hour in our party room with 1 table set for 10 kids
  • 2 Giant Family Sized Pizzas or 10 HotDogs & Chips
  • 2 Pitchers of Soda (NO Free Refils) 1 Pitcher of Water
  • 10 Sets of Paper products & Utensils
  • All party attendees must pay admission whether using the water features or not. A $2 discount is available for any people over the included 10 passes.
WaterPark Deluxe $339 (valued over $385)

Everything included in the Basic Party PLUS

  • 5 Additional Admission Passes (15 total)
  • 5 Big Squirt water toys
  • 1 Additional Pizza or 5 more hot dogs & Chips
  • 1 Additional Pitchers of soda
  • 1 Additional Table and chairs
  • 5 Additional Party plates and cups
  • Party Assistant – Priceless