What is WaveSurfing or Flowboarding?

Flowboarding or WaveSurfing is a water sport that combines elements of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. It is typically practiced on an artificial wave machine, such as a WaveSurfer or a similar stationary wave generator, that produces a continuous sheet of water over a sloped surface, allowing riders to simulate the experience of riding ocean waves.

Overview of Wavesurfing

  1. Equipment: Flowboarders or WaveSurfers ride on specially designed boards known as flowboards. These boards are shorter and more buoyant than traditional surfboards and are designed to be ridden on the flowing water. A board similar to a boogieboard is used for bodyboarding.
  2. Types of WaveSurfing: Flowboarding can be divided into two main disciplines:
  3. FlowRiding: This involves riding on the WaveSurfer in the standing position on a thin sheet of water flowing uphill at high speed. WaveSurfers can perform tricks and maneuvers similar to those in surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and skateboarding. Riders stand on the flowboard and use their body movements and balance to navigate and perform tricks on the artificial wave. Flowboarders can execute various maneuvers, including spins, flips, and aerial tricks.
  4. Bodyboarding: In this version of flowboarding, riders typically use bodyboards (similar to boogie boards) to ride the artificial wave. Bodyboarders perform tricks and maneuvers while lying prone on their boards and as their skill improves they can advance to the kneeling position.
  5. Who can WaveSurf? EVERYONE’S INVITED! WaveSurfer is for almost anyone in good physical condition.  It is a strenuous activity. Participants must be in the good physical condition and free from any physical limitations.
    • Pregnant women and persons with a history of heart, back, neck, shoulder, or joint problems should not participate.
      • If you have any special concerns regarding your physical condition, please consult an instructor.
  6. REQUIREMENTS: The WaveSurfer experience requires a minimum height of 42” to bodyboard and 52″ to flowboard. Young riders pick up skills quite quickly. Young riders must be able to follow directions from the instructor and be able to swim in turbulent moving water. Riders must be barefoot and swimsuits are required.
    • The flowing water may pull off bathing suit tops, bottoms, and loose clothing. Surf shirts are strongly recommended for all female participants.
    • 1/2 wetsuits are available for rent and also recommended on chilly days.

Waterpark Operating Hours

Daily during summer season (weather permitting): 12pm – 7pm
Morning WaveSurfer exclusive reservations: 9am-11am
Evening WaveSurfer exclusive reservation: 7pm-9pm

WaveSurfer Daily Operation

  • WaveSurfer Reservation Session Times begin on the hour
  • Reservations required 9am-noon & 7pm-9pm
  • Open Session 1 (No reservations) 12:10pm-3:30pm
  • OpenSession 2 (No reservations) 3:30-7:00pm

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