FAQ for Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer

1. What is Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer? Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer is a thrilling water-based recreational facility that combines the excitement of water slides, pools, with an interactive play feature, separate toddler pool, current channel and wave machine and America’s FIRST WaveSurfer, a cutting-edge wave surfing experience. It’s a destination designed for families and individuals seeking a fun and refreshing aquatic adventure.

2. Where is Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer located? Our facility is located at 543 Aronson Ave. Billings MT 59105. Click Directions / Rules for a map and directions to plan your visit. Or call 406-969-3131.

3. What are the operating hours of Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer? The WaterPark offers daily entrance from 12:00pm-7:00pm daily from June 1 to September 2. The WaveSurfer will be open for Hourly reservations from 9am-12pm, Early day session from 12:15-3:30, Late day session from 3:45-7:00pm, then hourly sessions at 7pm & 8pm. After hours Group Outings are also available by contacting management.

4. How can I purchase tickets to Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer? Season Passes for both the WaterPark and the WaveSurfer can be purchased online, or on-site at the park’s admissions.

5. Are there age or height restrictions for certain attractions? There is no age or height restrictions for the WaterPark itself. We do require a child to be over 42” to ride our waterslides in the WaterPark. The WaveSurfer height requirement is over 49” to ride with a signed waiver. Children under 10 are required to be accompanied by an adult.

6. Is there a parking facility available? Yes, we provide ample parking for visitors. There is no cost to park at the Oasis. Due to our location you may need to park on the street around the Oasis, please be courteous of our neighbors and make sure to not park in front of their driveways or mailboxes.

7. Can I bring outside food and drinks into Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer? Outside food and drinks are not allowed. We have two food locations on site to curb your food cravings. Oasis Café has a wide menu and WipeOut Café will be a real treat with smash Burgers Brats, Fries and Tots. Soda Stop and Snowie Kiosks in the park. Click Concessions to see our menu.

8. Is there a dress code for the water park and wave surfer attractions? While there isn’t a strict dress code, we recommend appropriate swimwear for water park activities in a family friendly environment.For the wave surfer, rash guards and appropriate swim attire are advisable.

9. Are lifeguards on duty at Oasis WaterPark? Yes, the safety of our visitors is a top priority. Trained and certified lifeguards are on duty throughout the park to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. We have a First Aid room for all your minor medical needs, located on the north side of the main entrance.

10. Can I host events or birthday parties at Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer? Absolutely! We offer event packages and birthday party options. Visit the “Rentals and Reservations” section on our website or contact our event coordinator Erika Lopez for details and reservations. erika.lopez@betterbillings.com

11. Is Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer accessible for individuals with disabilities? Yes, we strive to make our facility accessible to everyone. The main WaterPark is a zero entry pool. We also have a lift available upon request. Please contact us in advance if you have specific accessibility concerns, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

12. Do you offer swim lessons at Oasis WaterPark? Yes, we provide swim lessons for individuals of various skill levels. Check our website https://billingsoasis.com/product-category/swimming-lessons/ or contact our aquatic education department by emailing swim@billingsoasis.com  for information on swim lesson schedules, pricing, and registration details.

13. How does weather affect the park being open? Weather conditions, especially lightning, thunderstorms, or inclement weather, may impact the operation of certain attractions. The safety of our guests is paramount, and in the event of adverse weather, we may temporarily close or modify operations for everyone’s safety. Check our website, social media channels, or contact our guest services for real-time updates on park closures or changes due to weather conditions. We appreciate your understanding as we prioritize the safety and well-being of our visitors. If we have lightning with in 6 miles we are required to close for a minimum of 30 minutes of each strike in that range.

14. Is there first aid available at Oasis WaterPark and WaveSurfer? Yes, we have dedicated first aid stations within the park. Our trained medical staff is available to provide assistance in case of injuries or medical emergencies. If you require first aid, please approach any park staff member, and they will guide you to the first aid station. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all our visitors.